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2019 - 20

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Principal's Message


It is my proud privilege to be a part of JNANA SWEEKAR PUBLIC SCHOOL which is one of the most advanced educational institutions in Bangalore. The field of education has been very close to my heart since it is one of the main tools which transform a person to live a better life and more importantly contribute for the betterment of the society. 

It is often said, "One who dares to teach must never cease to learn". I have learnt not only from my seniors and colleagues, but also from my students and parents, through continuous interactions. Having worked in various CBSE Schools across India, I feel privileged to have an all encompassing perspective of CBSE Education and bring in the best of the standards, systems and methods to JSPS. 

Education is not just teaching and learning lessons. It has to be concerned about building human values along with knowledge. It shapes individuals in their formative years and imbues them with values that would govern all their choices in life. Indeed, one can even say that the quality of education will determine the destiny of the nation, the essence of which has been captured in the following lines: 

'If you are planning for a year, sow rice; 
if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; 
if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people'. 

Our focus at JSPS is to make ‘teaching – learning’ a joyful process. We constantly evaluate, revaluate and re-invent ourselves to make the process of learning interesting, effective and result oriented. All the avenues at our disposal including optimal use of technology and modern communication skills have been seamlessly integrated in opening the children's mind and self expression. I believe that with a little hard work, some attention from parents, guidance and a pat on the back from teachers makes the process of learning easier, acceptable and more enjoyable for the children. 

Our school, in a short span of time has acquired a reputation for excellence in academics, sports and cultural activities. This synergy has been achieved due to a healthy mix of excellent infrastructure both indoor and outdoor and the commitment of our dedicated, well - qualified staff. The endeavour of the School Management is to make JSPS not just the best school in Bangalore or Karnataka; but to be counted amongst the best CBSE schools in the country. I therefore exhort all the students, teachers and our parents to earnestly work towards this solemn goal. 

Wishing you all Good luck and God's Blessings, 

Ratna Deshpande