Well ventilated and naturally lit classrooms with panoramic views.


Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer science and Language laboratories are well designed and equipped with emphasis on modernity, hygiene and safety.


Our school has a well stocked Library with books which are recreational and educational in nature.


Situated on the topmost floor of the school, the auditorium is equipped with the most modern and state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities.


We have a large play ground earmarked for various sports activities. The school not only lays emphasis on studies, but also has the sports activity weaved into the curriculum. We are well equipped with BADMINTON COURT, TENNIS COURT, BASKET BALL COURT, CRICKET GROUND, FOOTBALL GROUND, and a SWIMMING POOL as well.

Co-Curricular activities

Beyond academics, we also encompass extra-curricular activities like art and craft, painting, theatre, yoga, karate, music and dance, chess and carrom.

Audio-Video Room

Our multimedia room has the latest audio-video aids to help kids watch and listen to educative, interactive programs that compliment their classroom learning process.